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Overwhelming message from both conventions:


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DNC seems to be hitting its stride, after some sort of horror-show involving Al Franken and Sarah Silverman that I immediately repressed for the sake of my soul and sanity.

Michelle Obama's speech writers deserve every penny. For maximum comedic value I hope they plagiarized Laura Bush.

Still, the acid test will be Bernie and Warren speeches and whether their mob will listen to them or use it as an excuse to have another tantrum.

In all seriousness: Warren's speech (and I'm pretty sure the same will be true of Sanders) offers a very bleak view of the US. Dramatic difference with the the rest of DNC speakers - which makes sense since, y'know, Hillary is running on the coattails of a 2-term Dem President who's supposed to take responsibility for our tragic dystopia.

What's really striking, however, is the similarity between her assessment (which reflects the view of the left wing of the Democratic party) and Trump. As far as both of them are concerned is Midnight in America.

Make Us Great Again, radical fruitcakes!

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Barney Frank just got booed for being a right-wing sellout.

I take back everything. This is my favorite election.

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Suddenly I find myself longing for the Prussian-like order, efficiency, and competence of the Republican Convention.

And we're barely past the invocation.

Oh, this is going to go great...

So, kidna feel that this needs to be asked now - while freaking out about Cleveland, has anyone checked Philly rules on open/concealed carry? Just, y'know, wondering...

Gotta figure the Dems better be praying their asses off that B.(J) CLinton does something magical with his speech to get this back on track before it's too late. Would be awkward if Obama is booed every time he mentions Hillary's name.

P. Whateverthefuck S.
I'm just so, so glad to have lived long enough to witness Trump becoming the GOP nominee, and Dumbledore being quoted from the stage of the DNC. I can die happy now. And by 'die happy' I mean I'm taking everyone with me. We deserve this election. And also an asteroid of some sort.

The socialists are booing the Democrat nominee because of the emails hacked by the Russians.

Don't study the Cold War, they said.
It has no relevance in the modern world, they said.


2. Live footage from the abode of Mitt Romney

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It's all going to end in tears but until/unless I'm given the same opportunity vis-a-vis Trump I shall wring every ounce of gloating joy at watching Sanders (and everyone who enabled him as if he was a serious person) come face to face with the results of his demagoguery.

You wanted a revolution, fucktard.

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So, I remember - a long time ago, like almost a whole week - thinking that the GOP convention was a shitshow ran by an insane clown posse and the contrast with the iron-disciplined pageant of the Dem convention in Philly was going to be absolutely devastating.


I wish everyone was dead.

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My favorite* part about the DNC hack is that this is exactly the real-life version of the kind of cockamamie conspiracy that Trump makes up on the daily basis: "Ted Cruz killed the Kennedies! China is stealing our babies! I have normal-sized fingers!"

"Oh, also - Putin hacked the Democratic National Committee and released the documents in order to put his stooge into the WHite House."

I lied, I have bo favorite parts. This entire election can eat me.

Star Wars

I really like Finn.

I mean this is dude has been brainwashed from birth to be an asshole and his first instinct in pretty much every situation is still to do the right thing (after an appropriate amount of bitching, obv).

We like Finn.
Finn, we like.